About the Client & Brief

Simply Aura are a full service creative agency who specialise in working with corporate clients from a variety of industries. With a strong focus on clients within the financial sector, with clients such as HSBC, Santander and JLT. I worked closely with the client in order to gain a better understanding of their goals and objectives for the new website. It was clear that the website was to act as an informative brochure site for both existing and prospective clients, however it wasn’t critical to focus on driving new customers to enquire. As the client wasn’t entirely sure on the best approach for this I was able to offer guidance and advice for the content and general website structure.

Solution and Outcome

The aesthetic requirements were to create a clean, minimal and informative site focusing on the companies services with a particularly detailed focal point on their case studies. With the site being very content driven, I decided to put a strong emphasis on refining typography and optimising readability. The site features plenty of white space with little visual noise to detract users from the content. Overall the site has a very professional, timeless and knowledgeable feel which ties in with the companies values and approach to their work.