About the Client & Brief

Ross Handling are the UK’s leading supplier of Castors, Wheels, Tube End Fittings, Adjustable Feet, Handwheels, and Handgrips. Having been established since 1970 I was approached by the company during a period of rapid growth. It was apparent that the logo and overall brand identity needed to be updated and refreshed to appeal to it’s audience and better position itself in an expanding and competitive market. Due to the companies long standing reputation and heritage the brief was to update the logo and identity rather than undergoing a wholesale change.

After providing a variety of concepts and alterations we decided that a logotype was the best solution in order to create a more grown up and timeless identity.

Solution and Outcome

The typography and colour pallet were updated and kept bold to represent the companies strength, reliability and knowledge. The overall identity sits well within the industry, representing the companies approach and values and also relates back to the products themselves and the nature of application.

To ensure brand consolidation and consistency, I also produced a detailed guidelines for external and internal use to show how to apply the branding to various applications. Having built a long lasting relationship with the client I have also been involved on numerous projects and marketing campaigns as well as producing; stationary designs, advertising, catalogue design, product photography, signage and any other marketing collateral that has been required.