About the Client & Brief

Clean & Lean are one of the global leading healthy lifestyle companies. Founder of Clean & Lean James Duigan is renowned as one the worlds best celebrity fitness trainers as well as creating the Clean & Lean diet. With the success of the Clean & Lean diet cookbooks and Bodyism gym, the next stage was too focus on designing the UI for their new website in order to make the clean and lean lifestyle accessible to a wider audience. The website would feature an online shop selling a range of active wear, exercise equipment, supplements and books. One of the other main areas was to be an online magazine with a varied range articles focusing on recipes, exercises, mindfulness, fashion & beauty along with other components which make up the Clean & Lean lifestyle.

Solution and Outcome

With the logo already previously established and updated the initial stage of the project was too focus on consolidating the overall brand identity. The first step consisted of exploration of typography, colour pallet and use of imagery that would then be applied to the UI concepts. The design was kept clean and precise with a strong focus on refining typography and a predominant use of authentic imagery. The elegant use of typography and white space give a sense of ease and clarity throughout.

Once we had established a clear direction for the overall look and feel I then applied the styling to a wide range of wireframes for various parts of the user interface. This involved organising content and thinking creatively how the content would be best applied and laid out in order to produce a visually appealing and practical user experience. I was also responsible for managing certain aspects of the project and working closely with a website manager and a number of developers in order to bring my visual ideas to life.

Having been involved in the early stages of the development and planning process, parts of the interface and layout have since been revisited and simplified. However the majority of my original design and overall styling have been preserved.